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  • Product Name : Nanoglass Cozinha
    Size : NANO3
    Country of Origin : China Nanoglass Preco,Nanoglass Branco
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  • China Nanoglass Preco,Nanoglass Branco,Nanoglass Cozinha 
    marmore nanoglass 
    bancada nanoglass 
    granito nanoglass 
    NanoGlass ( manufactured by China Marmoglass Co.,Limited www.chinamarmoglass.com ) is the new generation of Crystallized Glass Panel and updated from the Marmoglass GS001. With the combination of the Nano material with the natural stone, after the thermostatic hardening, polishing and smoothing, the stone material is produced in much higher density and gloss. The super Nanoglass is of granite material feature and marble’s gloss. Non-radioactive and environmental friendly, it becomes a new and reusable decorative building material. Super Nano2011 is the newest nano crystallized glass panel, it improve the cutting performance and hardness.And Super Nano2011 has high reputation among the global market with the stone-like quality.
    Main Products: Crystallized Glass Panel, Non-Porous Crystallized Glass Stone, Millenstone Nano Crystallized Glass, Table /Counter Top, Minicrystal Glass Stone, White Facade Stone, White Flooring Stone, White Windowsills, Nanoglass nanostone, China Nanoglass nanostone ,Nanoglass,Nanoglass tile,Nanoglass panel,Nanoglass veneer,Nanoglass floor Tile,Crystallized Glass tile,Glass Stone tile,crystallized stone tile,Nanoglass Nanostone - Nanoglass. 
    Nanoglass Application:
    1). Interior & external wall cladding
    2). Flooring Tile, Stair, Column cladding
    3). Basin, Countertop, Table, Bar
    4). bath, Kitchen, any tops, round pillar and furniture decoration etc.
    China Nanoglass NANO2011 Slab Size
    China Nanoglass Tile Size:
    300x600x12mm 12"x24"x1/2"
    600x600x12mm 24"x24"x1/2"
    300x600x18mm 12"x24"x3/4"
    600x600x18mm 24"x24"x3/4"
    800x800x18mm 32"x32"x3/4"
    900x900x18mm 36"x36"x3/4"
    1000x1000x18mm 40"x40"x3/4"
    1200x1200x18mm 48"x48"x3/4"
    2460x1240x18mm 96"x48"x3/4"
    2860x1340x18mm 110"x52"x3/4"
    3060x1340x18mm 120"x52"x3/4"
    Manufacturer of Nanoglass Nanostone,Show Details of Nanoglass nanostone- Marmoglass tile,panel,floor tile,cut-to-size.