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  • Product Name : Black Nanoglass with High Qualtiy and Good Price
    Size : NANO3
    Country of Origin : Black Nanoglass, Red Nanoglass
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  • Black Crystallized Glass Panel(Nano Glass)

    The Crystallized Glass Panel(Nano Glass) can be cutting in slab and tile,such as slab size 96″x48″x3/4″,110″x52″x3/4″,120″x52″x3/4″,120″x56″x3/4″ etc,the tiles size 12″x24″x3/4″,24″x24″x3/4″,32″x32″x3/4″,36″x36″x3/4″ ,40″x40″x3/4″,48″x48″x3/4″,etc

    Here you can find detail of Nanoglass Beige Color, Black Color, Coffee Color. We produce Nanoglass Beige Color, Black Color, Coffee Color in slabs, tiles, tops and so on. 
    China Marmoglass Co.,Limited is the manufacturer for Marmoglass E Nanoglass with high quality and competitive price in China .
    China Marmoglass Co.,Limited is Black Nanoglass, Black Nanoglass Suppliers and Manufacturers and you can buy High Quality Black Nanoglass Products from China Marmoglass Co.,Limited.  
    Marmoglass E Nanoglass can be used for  for the construction sector as Stairs, Window sills, Pool covers, etc .
    China Marmoglass Co.,Limited is the factory and exporter for all kinds of marmoglass and nanoglass products.
    We make the Nanoglass Slabs, Nanoglass Tops, China Nanoglass Countertop, Nanoglass Ball.
    We are China manufacturer and supplier of Nanoglass, crystallized nano glass, Widely be used for kitchen, bathroom and so on.

    China Nanoglass Slab Size:
    280 x 140 x 1.8 CM
    280 x 150 x 1.8 CM
    280 x 160 x 1.8 CM
    300 x 140 x 1.8 CM
    300 x 150 x 1.8 CM
    300 x 160 x 1.8 CM
    Normal specifications (mm):
    1800*3000*18 1200*2400*18 600*600*18 1200*1200*18
    1600*2400*18 1800*3000*30 800*800*18 1000*1000*18
    Thin tiles:
    305*305*12mm, 450*450*12mm
    457*457*12mm, 400*400*12mm
    600*600*12mm 1200*2400*12mm

    2. Material: crystal quartz sand
    3. Packaging: Fumigated wooden crates,bundles,foam
    4. Brand name: China Marmoglass / Nanoglass
    5. Place of origin: Xiamen, Fujian ,China
    6. Model NO.: GS001, SN002, NANO2009, NNAO2011
    7. Supply ability: 20000M2/MONTH, 30TON/DAY
    8. Delivery time: generally within 10 days, after the order confirmed and the deposit received
    9. Arc panel specifications (mm):
    Thickness: 18-30mm
    Diameter : 30cm-120cm